8 Superhero Party Ideas

If you are thinking of throwing a superhero theme party, then hopefully the following superhero party ideas will give you some inspiration.

1. The essence of a superhero party is the costumes! It should be stated on the invitations that costumes are necessary.

2. To increase the likely hood of people dressing up, state that there will be a competition for best outfit and there will be prizes!

3. There are over 5000 Marvel superhero characters alone. You should dress up as one of the more obscure characters! This will provide a fun talking point by telling your fellow guests what your characters super powers are! It can also be a fun game trying to guess who you areĀ Superhero Supervillain fashion

4. Send out your invitations using newspaper cut out type letters! Many people will have computer software that can do this or you can go to any party shop to have your invitations specially done. Otherwise you can cut out the letters from the newspaper.

5. Having a smoke machine for the entrance is a must for any superhero party! This will create an intriguing and exciting entrance for your guests. You can perhaps play the Superman theme music one by one as your guests arrive!

6. All supermarkets stock superhero party plates, napkins, balloons, food and drink. You should buy a superhero cake and place mini action figures on top!

7. The party games you could incorporate into your party could be ones which utilize tests of strength. Arm wrestling and tug of war games will fit in nicely with this theme and provide for hilarious photo opportunities.

8. For an added touch of hilarity, consider getting a superhero costume for your pet! Seeing a Cat or Dog dressed up as a superhero is just too funny and should definitely be done if you have an obliging animal!

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