Blog Advertising With Effective Email Signature

Companies are continuously using a significant amount of their budget in order to build and strengthen their brands. One of the methods is using blog. No matter you are promoting a blog or a product, blog advertising is considered an excellent way to market a company brand online. In order to advertise your blog, an easy method will be using an email signature, which other people can both identify you easily and associate you to the product or service you are promoting.

Here are some ways on how to write an email signature that can advertise your blog effectively:

Check what email program you are using

Many popular email applications have a tool for you to create or edit an email signature today. Once you create that signature, it will be appended at the bottom of your email message on every email you sent out.

So all you need to do is to find out that tool in your email program. For example, in windows mail or outlook, creating a simple email signature is easy with only several clicks. If you want to edit your email signature, you can use the signature editor in the program to edit it and your changes will be applied immediately. In case you just want to change your signature on several emails only, all you need to do is by creating or editing it manually online signature generator.

Pick your keyword carefully

In your contact information, you can try to put some keywords that are related to the subject of your blog in the text link. By doing so your will increase the link relevance and popularity, hence advertising your blog at the same time.

Keep it short and sweet

In your email signature you may want to include all sort of information like your name, company, telephone number, blog URL, office address and so on. While it is okay to add it all, user may not be interested in reading another paragraph. So you can just pick the necessary information that can both bring result and promote your blog. For example, you can just keep one to two links to your blog. Readers may suspect if you are putting too many links on one email signature. Moreover, if you add too many links, chances are that spam-blocking software will treat your email as spam and drop it right away.

Make it flexible

If your blog advertising strategies include submitting articles to blog directory, you may want to check out their author guidelines, especially about author bio box where you will put your signature in. It is most often the case that, article directory will not allow any hyperlink within the article. However you can add one to two links that pointed to your website in your author bio box. In other words, you can make use of your email signature by modifying it and putting it in your author box.

This also applies to email with different theme. While you have multiple email themes, you can use different email signatures. You should also remember to change the keywords used in your link accordingly to reflect relevance of your blog.

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