Care For Your Indoor Plants

Keeping indoor plants in a good physical shape is, however, not an easy task. Thus you will have to choose those plants only that can grow indoors without much light, air and water.

Due to environmental constraint indoor plants tend to grow slower than the ones that grow outside. Many of the indoor plants actually stop developing after a certain stage. These plants are affected not only by the indoor setting but also affected by the climatic changes as well.

The climatic changes bring along with them the change in temperature and humidity. Therefore it is necessary that the temperature indoors should be managed in such a way that the plants thrive in it. The ideal temperature at which the indoor plants flourish is between 60 degrees and 70 degrees F during the day and between 55 degrees and 65 degrees F during night iƧ mekan bitkileri.

You must have observed that during winter the atmosphere gets very dry due to lack of moisture. The indoor environment also gets very dry. In order to prevent this you should bathe the plants with water frequently in a week. The best way to do this is to spray the plants with water a couple of times a week.

The type of water also affects the indoor plants. If you use the tap water directly, you will see that the plant is unable to survive. This is because tap water contains Chlorine, which is a chemical, used to purify water. It might be good for human being but plants cannot consume it. If you do not have water free from chlorine, you should store some water in a container and let it stand for a few days. The chlorine will settle down. You can then drain the water from the top portion of the container and use it to water your indoor plants.

The above tips will help you keep your plant alive and growing to their full potential.

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