Games For PSP – My Top 10 Games For PSP

The Sony PSP has been around for a few years now but it shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. In fact with new games for PSP in the pipeline it is going from strength to strength. 31 million PSP sales worldwide in fact.

The Sony PSP is so much more than a great hand held games system but lets face it the main reason you brought yours was to play great games. The depth of colors and speed of game play are second to none and out do other hand helds with ease.

I’m just thinking about some of my favorite games there are so many, I have pretty much every game available for the PSP. Here’s my top 10 games for PSP.

1, Grand Theft Auto, Liberty City Stories / Vice City Stories. I’m a sucker for these games and will play them for hours on end. great game play with a great story line. (I’m playing my PS3 GTA IV at the moment but I’ll always be back to my PSP)

2, God Of War, Chains of Olympus. One of my all time favorite games on any platform, amazing game play just a truly epic game.

3, Lumines 1, had to have this one in my top 10 just because of the amount of time I’ve spent on it, very very addictive. Similar to Tetris but in my opinion a whole lot better. A classic game.

4, Tekken, dark Resurrection. One of the all time classic fighting games, great to play on the PSP, has kept me entertained for ages buy fortnite items.

5, Metal gear Solid, Portable Ops. A stealth action game, very in depth with long missions. use your brain as well as your fire power here.

6, Silent Hill Origins, Prepare to scream out loud like a little girl. I love this game the story is so much different to any other game out there. Scary game play. love it.

7, Twisted Metal, Head On. All out driving action smash through the eiffel tower on your way, where else could you do this.

8, SOCOM, US navy Seals, Tactical Strike. Great game puts you right into the heart of battle. Ever wanted to be a US Navy Seal, now you can.

9, LocoRoco. Love this game, I think its the most original game I’ve ever played. Basically a platform type puzzle game but so much more.

10, Patapon, from the makers of LocoRoco probably why I like it so much. Its a strategy game that is exclusive for the PSP. go get it you wont be disappointed.

Well thats my top 10 let me know in the comments your top 10 games, I’m sure some of them will be the same as mine. The PSP really is a great games machine. have fun with your gaming.

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