Importance of Using a Rash Guard in Mixed Martial Arts

Most people think of water sports like surfing when they think of a rash guard. However, the ones that are used for the purpose of MMA (mixed martial arts) are somewhat different.

One thing they have in common with those used for water sports is that they both provide the fundamental protection that is often needed when participating in such a physical sport. However, one key difference is in the way they handle body heat. The water sport variety is made to help keep you warm while you’re in the water. Since you most likely won’t be doing any MMA training or competing in the water, staying warm isn’t a problem. On the contrary, most MMA fighters try to stay as cool as possible. Wearing a rash guard meant to trap heat would obviously not be a wise choice in this situation. That’s why MMA rash guards are designed to help keep you cool, in contrast to their water sport counterparts mma rashguard.

Another benefit of wearing this protective type of shirt when competing is that it is very difficult for an opponent or training partner to grab onto it like they could a t-shirt or other types of loose clothing. Minimizing the amount of loose-hanging clothing on your body is an important part of optimizing your MMA performance.

Choosing a Sleeve Length

One question you may be faced with when shopping for an MMA rash guard is whether you should purchase one with short sleeves, or the long sleeved variety. This really boils down to a matter of personal preference. Short-sleeved rash guards are ideal for staying as cool as possible, while the long-sleeved type offers more overall protection, so it’s a bit of a trade-off. Most brands offer both varieties.

Where to Buy Them

In order to filter out all the rash guards for sale that are not specifically crafted for MMA use, you should only shop from quality MMA gear retailers that specialize in these types of products. When searching online, be sure to include the keyword “MMA” in your search queries to ensure you get the appropriate results. Some of the most popular manufacturers include Hayabusa, Cageside MMA, and Bad Boy MMA.

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