Mobile Phone Mains Charges – How Sony Ericsson Mains Chargers Have Changed

Sony Ericsson is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers on the planet today. They strive to produce cutting edge mobile phone technology constantly pushing the boundaries of the mobile handset market. Sony’s technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing handsets always prove a big hit with users around the globe.

With new handsets such as the W995, C905 and W595 making up just a small selection of the newest range of phones being produced by them, it really is no wonder that they continue to be a leading brand in mobile phone production.

Sony Ericsson handsets have an array of unique technologies included in them which helps to set them apart from other mobile phone brands. From the Cyber-shot technology to specialist Walkman features, it is easy to see why these handsets are always so popular.

One of the most understated accessories, which allows you to carry on using all the functions on your mobile phone has to be the mains charger, as without this your handset will become unusable. The most common mains charger for Sony Ericsson phones (which is compatible with the majority of current handsets) is the original CST-75 mains charger.

The CST-75 mains charger charges the W series, most of the K series and the best part of the newer handsets Sony Ericsson produce. The CST-75 used to be known as the CST-60, however the CST-60 is the older version of the current charger, and now with the 2 pin, European mains charger having the same compatibility as the CST-75, it adopted the name and so is now known as the CST-60 samsung wireless charger B07GS5YY89.

Older Sony Ericsson phones still need to be charged as not everybody is entitles to a free upgrade every year with their contract (or not even every few years with some of the more, lengthy mobile phone contracts which are being introduced). For these people, we like to make sure that they can still find chargers for their handsets and keep them talking.

Models such as the popular K700i, and some of the T series and Z series still need chargers more than when there were originally purchased, due to handset degradation over time. The original CST-13 mains charger is still available and compatible with older mobile phones (also known as the CST-20 in some cases).

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