What Does a Pure Water Distiller Do?

When you use a pure water distiller it takes out various types of contaminants such as heavy metals and salts that can be left in even after boiling it. When you distill water (H2O), it’s heated to the boiling point and the steam that it produces is collected. Once the steam is converted back to its liquid form, any contaminants that were in it are left behind. This process leaves you with pure H2O as about 99.5 per cent of the contaminants are removed.

You will find that distillers come in a variety of sizes, with most of them being able to fit on a kitchen counter top. A pure distiller can save you quite a bit of money over the course of a year when compared to buying bottled H2O. On average, a gallon of distilled water costs about 25 cents to produce. The distiller itself can usually be bought from about $400 to $650 dollars. While it may seem expensive, it will pay for itself pretty quickly.

Using a distiller is quite easy as it basically works a lot like a portable coffee maker. All you need to do is fill the boiling container with tap water and then start the device by pressing a button. Then just wait a couple of hours and you’ll have pure distilled H2O. You can take the liquid from the pure water distiller and it’s ready to drink or be used for anything else you have in mind best water distiller.

You’ll notice that calcium and salt that’s removed from the tap water will usually form and build up inside the boiling container. This will look like a hard, white substance and you can usually stop it from building up by washing out the container on a regular basis. When you want to clean the distiller, you can soak the boiling container in a sulfamic acid cleaning solution overnight and then rinse it out.

You can also clean a distiller with vinegar. Just fill the container with one part vinegar to one part H2O and let it soak. Remember to make sure you empty the distiller with any liquids before you use it as the cleaning solutions and vinegar may cause the distiller to overheat.

There’s also a carbon filter inside the distiller and it should be replaced regularly. Check with the device’s user manual to find out how often you need to change it. The carbon filter is needed to remove all of the contaminants from the liquid. If you take care of a pure water distiller it should last for over 10 years. You may have to replace cooling fan and/or heating element in some models though. However, it’s less expensive than buying a new distiller.

How to Choose the Right Computer Training Class for Web Developers

The rapidly expanding field of computer training classes has posed several vital questions for people interested in either on-site computer training or online computer classes. Web Developers are among the career fields that must deal with training issues. It is not enough to feel your experience and training has already qualified you for a position as a Web Developer. Technology is changing almost daily and training really never ends. If you have not taken a certification training class or an IT training class lately, you are more than likely falling behind rapidly.

If you are working as an independent web developer, you may feel that you are not in need of training at all. You might be depending on your talent alone. This is most likely a mistake and you are going to quickly find yourself falling short in meeting your client’s expectations. So, once you make the decision to seek additional training, where is the best place to start?

In just about any field today the first choice is between on-site training, or traditional classroom training, and online training, or distant training. This choice is influenced by many different factors including cost and free time, but the most important factor is often your own personal training profile. If you are the kind of person who needs hands on experience and benefits from the help of a real live instructor, on-site computer training is going to be the best choice for you. In the long run, it is not going to matter if you save money or if online is going to fit better into your busy schedule. If you do not have the self discipline or sense of independence necessary for success in online training, you had better find a good on-site computer training class computer training center in uttara dhaka.

A new trend in on-site computer training classes is what is being called computer training boot camps. These are intensive and focused certification programs that are held on-site and feature hands on training and the guidance of experienced professional instructors. The classes available at the boot camps are widely varied. If Micro Soft training classes are what you need to secure a Micro Soft Systems Engineer certificate, you are sure to find plenty of them at the IT boot camps. There are many factors to consider to find the right training for you once you admit to yourself that the rapid technological explosion requires ongoing training. There are also many options, and you must research every available one and weigh the pros and cons carefully before you make a final decision. Treat your training decision with the same care you would give to selecting a college or university for your child. The extra effort will pay off in matching your training needs to the right training institution.

Back Pain Relief Products to Help the Pain

Many people suffer with back pain as a result of injury or other event that has occurred. Back pain relief is possible though without having to resort to expensive medication or years of physical therapy. Our back plays an important role in our every day life and daily routines. If we suffer from pain, it can affect everything that we do, from waking up in the morning, getting into the car, and even shopping for groceries. Back pain is the most common major problem in aging people and it can be hard to work with pain problems since everything we do relies on our back.

Back pain relief can be one of the hardest things you can achieve since there are so many products and different advice given from different people. Here is a list of some of the quality products that have been tested and have been known to give positive results topdol 100mg.

1. For those suffering from minor pains and aches, Stopain has an 8 ounce fluid liquid that can be used to help with pain and help relieve the pain. This is a very inexpensive alternative liquid that gives you fast back pain relief. The liquid has been tested and verified in various laboratories and the main active ingredient in the liquid can help you get relief in a matter of minutes.

2. Heal-N-Smooth offers an advanced natural formula for back pain relief and offers a viable solution to stop pain aches. The product is primarily made of the vitamins and herbs that provide the best relief from pain. Again, this product has been successfully tested and offers a good solution for fast acting relief, especially in older people who can’t get a lot of exercise.

3. Rub On Relief Cream has been referred to as the magical cream when it comes to soothing back aches and pains. Not only is it good for aches, pains and other ailments, but it provides excellent support for your joints, and allows them to become much more flexible. Another advantage, like a lot of other products listed is that is provides adequate back pain relief without being very expensive. This cream also provides immediate relief so you don’t have to suffer for very long.

4. Another wonderful cream is the Raymac medic-moist Super Pain Aid Therapeutic that comes in a 16 ounce container. If none of the other products is quite strong enough for you, the Raymac should provide immediate back pain relief that is long lasting as well. This cream just needs to be rubbed on the area that hurts and you should see results in a matter of minutes.

Composing Instrumental Beats – Killer Melodies

What do all the greatest songs and instrumental beats – in any genre of music – all have in common? They are all driven by a great melody. A melody is a set of single notes in succession that form a musical line. The hook to your favorite song, a guitar phrase, and succession of single piano notes in an instrumental beat are all examples of a melody.

Melodies don’t have to be “catchy” to be effective. A melody that displays a deep, powerful emotion can be a great piece of music without being “catchy” or “poppy.” For example, if you are producing a deep instrumental beat about a death or lost love, it can be driven by dark, emotional melodies that don’t necessarily “stick in your head,” but rather portray the emotion of the song successfully through effective melodies.

So what can you do as a producer to become better ar producing great melodies in their instrumental beats?

Well I do believe that some of us just naturally have more of a knack for this sort of thing than others. The best songwriters who have written countless great melodies are creatively gifted people who can do this a lot easier than some of us. HOWEVER, I do believe that everyone has the ability to learn how to become better at creating melodies. So I’d like to share with you two very powerful tips that will help you to create better melodies for your instrumental beats:

Listen to Different Kinds of Music: If you always listen to the same type of music, your minds ability to expand into new creative melodic ideas will be severely limited. Do not be afraid to venture out and listen to lots of different styles of music. Hate pop? Listen to it anyway. Can’t stand classical music? Que up that Chopin piece. In fact, I credit a great portion of my melody-making abilities and musical sense to a band that fits into the genre of “Progressive Metal.” Through my years of listening, my ears have consciously and subconsciously picked up ways of combining note sequences to make melodies for my instrumentals and beats that I never would have been able to make had I not been a student of their music Hip hop beats for sale.

And perhaps the most important way to become better at creating melodies:

LEARN MUSIC SCALES: OK normally someone would just advise you to learn “music theory.” But I find that people can get intimidated when it comes to tackling the entire subject of music theory. The aspect that can really help you when seeking to become better at writing melodies is musical note scales. Do some research online or buy a book about the different scales used in music. Apply these concepts to an instrument (piano, guitar, etc) and you will really begin to get the feel of how notes are associated with one another, which notes combine optimally together, and which moods are brought out by each scale. Learn the major, minor, blues, pentatonic, harmonic minor scales….and so on. As soon as I learned this aspect of music for guitar, I became a much better musician, composer, producer, and, well, melody maker!

Social Media Legal Issues Dealers Can’t Afford to Ignore

It was bound to happen. The tremendous growth of digital marketing and social media was an invitation for government regulation. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission recently updated its truth-in-advertising guidelines, which were last revised in 1980, to address the commercialism of the Web. Federal and state regulators are taking the position that social media is not a loop-hole for deceptive marketing practices and are actively enforcing and cracking down on social media deception. Proper social media ethics are now a matter of law, not just personal preference.

Faking Reviews

The FTC’s updated Endorsement and Advertising Guidelines require companies to ensure that their posts are completely accurate and not misleading, and planting or allowing fake reviews is a violation. The Guidelines are extremely broad and can apply to anyone writing reviews on rating sites, web sites or promoting products through social media sites, including blogs.

There are several companies out there that offer seemingly quick and easy ways to improve your ratings on review sites. Be careful! A Dealership in Texas suffered devastating reputation damage because of the review-posting practices of a company they hired. A customer discovered that suspicious “reviewers” were writing 5-star reviews about all kinds of businesses and dealerships across the nation on the same day. This debacle was uncovered in October of 2010, yet news stories continue to show up on the dealer’s page one search results.

While the above case may be an example of a dealer who unfortunately hired the wrong vendor, an area of real concern is the activity of a company’s own employees. The FTC recently charged a California marketing company with deceptive advertising after it found that the company’s employees were posing as ordinary consumers posting positive reviews online.

Dealers may face liability if employees use social media to comment on their employer’s services or products without disclosing the employment relationship. The FTC requires the disclosure of all “material connections” between a reviewer and the company that is being reviewed. These connections can be any relationship between a reviewer and the company that could affect the credibility a consumer gives to that reviewer’s statements, such as an employment or business relationship. So if employees, friends, family or vendors post reviews to prop up a dealership’s online reputation, they must clearly disclose any relationship they have with the company. In addition, all reviews must be an honest opinion based on a real experience. Reviewers must never endorse a product or service that they have not used personally or create any other form of false endorsement. It’s all about transparency and full disclosure.

Besides the obvious potential damage to a dealer’s reputation, failure to follow these regulations can result in substantial penalties. In recent actions, the New York Attorney General fined a cosmetic surgery company $300,000 for ordering its employees to write fake reviews of its face-lift procedure and the FTC ordered a company marketing instructional DVDs to pay $250,000 for fake reviews posted by the company’s affiliate marketers. The FTC has indicated that companies are fully responsible and liable for all inappropriate actions of their employees, their vendors, and any advocates they recruit. Reviewers may also be held personally liable for statements made in the course of their endorsements.

Paying For Reviews

The practice of offering a free oil change or gas card to a customer in exchange for a good survey has long been frowned upon by manufacturers. Because there are no factory gatekeepers when it comes to online ratings, it may seem tempting to offer customers an incentive to post a positive review. The good news is that you can if you want to; the not-so-good news is that the regulations require that any reviewer provided with any form of compensation such as free services, rewards, incentives, promotional items, gifts, samples, or review items, must fully disclose the source and nature of any compensation received.

So, if you pay for reviews and the reviewers fail to disclose their compensation, you may face liability. This is an area where it’s easy to get caught and besides the legal danger, your reputation will likely take a big hit.

Advertising on Social Media Sites

The wisdom of trying to “sell” on social media sites by posting inventory, prices, or payments is an ongoing debate, but the fact remains that many dealers are engaged in this activity in some form. While I have no opinion on the relative merits of whether to “sell or not to sell” on social media, it’s important to note the potential implications of these types of activities.

Despite the fact that social media tends to be a low-keyed, casual type of communication, advertising regulations don’t go away. In fact, The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it was updating its document Dot Com Disclosures: Information About Online Advertising. The primary focus of the document, which was first issued in 2000, is to inform advertisers that consumer protection laws and the requirement to provide clear and conspicuous disclosures applies to the online world in addition to the offline world.

So, in a nutshell, if inventory is posted or prices/payments are quoted on social media it’s likely that the posts will be deemed to be advertisements and will be subject to state and federal disclosure and truth in advertising regulations. Lack of space is no excuse either. Even if you’re advertising on Twitter and limited to 140 characters, you must include a clear link to any necessary disclosures. A good rule of thumb is to have any information that could possibly be construed as advertising reviewed by upper management or a qualified professional before it is posted.

Social Media Policy

Social media applications such as blogs, social networking, and video sharing have soared in popularity so it’s important that dealers control the information that’s coming out of their business. Policies and procedures should be put in place to spell out how employees are expected to conduct themselves within social media. A social media policy can help take the guesswork out of what is appropriate for employees to post about a company to their social networks sites like digg.

Successful Social Media Marketing

A lot of people ask me why I’m so successful with connecting with my tribe via social media. It’s a great question, because it lets us explore how useful social media can be – and how to utilize it without broadcasting endless pitches to people, but actually engage them and provide true value.

Here are my seven secrets that transcend all social media platforms and allow you to apply them in ways that grow your business, no matter what field you are in:

1) Be Findable
You have to take your business where the people are and be in the relevant conversations. And in today’s world, the relevant conversations are taking place on social media sites like tumblr.

The particular platforms will be different for different businesses. Someone in the corporate arena needs to be on LinkedIn while a band would still be a better candidate for a page on MySpace. The criterion for deciding which social media platforms you need to be on is simple: where are your customers and prospects hanging out today?

Once you know what those platforms are, make sure you have a presence on them and are contributing to the community there. Be certain that when prospects are looking for your area of expertise, you can be found.

2) Have an Attitude, Yo
If you’re a business that sells accounting programs for accountants, you probably have a certain vibe on your website and other marketing materials. If you sell exotic automobiles or couture fashion, your vibe would be quite different. Whatever that vibe is, it should bleed through to all your social media accounts.

This attitude should show up in all your graphics, such as the header and pictures on your Facebook Fan Page, your avatar pic and wrap on your Twitter page, and even the style of your headshot on your LinkedIn profile.

I can’t count how many times someone has messaged me or shared one of my posts, and when I click through to their page to see if I should be following back, I find… nothing. No picture, no bio, not even the city they live in. If you’re in the witness protection program, you probably shouldn’t be on social media in the first place. But if you are hoping to use social media to build your brand, expand your reach, or actually make money, give us something to go on.

You can start with a pic! If we go to your Twitter page and there’s only a colored egg where your face should be, it’s like a billboard that says, “Hi, I’m Amish, and I’m checking to see if this computer fad is gonna last.” Even 97-year-old mammies are emailing pix of their great-grandkids. If you don’t know how to upload a photo, ask someone.

Make it a real photo of you, not your dog or cat or llama. And please, post a current one. (Don’t be one of those people who sends a pic and shows up 15 years later!) We want to know who we’re conversing with. Likewise with caricatures or icons. Use them only if they really are an essential part of your branding.

And by the way, for many of you reading this, your avatar should be your logo. But don’t just do it mindlessly. Think about who is actually doing the feed and whether a personal photo would be better instead. You can place the logo somewhere else on the page.

The vibe should carry through in the copy as well. Lang Lang’s Twitter bio might include the music conservatories he studied at and the orchestras he has performed with. Mick Jagger’s, not so much.

Most important, the feel and vibe of your brand should come through strongest in the actual feeds you post. Your feed should be congruent with who you are. If you follow Joel Osteen, you expect inspirational tweets; if you’re reading Bill Simmons, you expect occasional doses of snark. Make sure your social media posts are in line with the messaging (and feel) you send through all of your other channels.

3) Engage, Don’t Broadcast
There is a reason it is called social media not broadcast media. So stop broadcasting at people and start talking with them. Nobody wants to follow a feed for any business that is nothing but pitches. But if you make your feed valuable and relevant, people don’t mind you making an occasional offer for your products or services. Even so, it’s always better to present these in the context of the problems they solve for your followers, not the features of what you’re selling.

Free Classified Ads – Increase Customer Exposure

Free classified ads are actually something fairly new. Classified ads have existed for a long time, but they usually would cost someone to have them published. They are often times found in a section of a newspaper that is devoted specifically to them. They are different from the usual ads you would see from a giant corporation, as classified ads are most often put out by an individual person who wants to advertise either a product or service that they are selling post ads for free. They are also much cheaper than the big time marketing and advertising campaigns you will find in the corporate world.

Free classified ads may not reach the massive audience that a national marketing campaign would, but they don’t have to, as they are aimed at the local market. Until they made their way online, they were mostly found in newspapers, and they, along with other types of advertising, made up most of the newspapers industries revenue. Advertising makes up as much 80% of a newspaper’s total revenue, and sales of the actual newspaper itself makes up the rest. Now that classified advertising is moving onto the internet, the newspaper industry is faced with declining revenue.

These types of ads are usually very simple and often times only feature text, and simply tell what the product or service someone is selling, how much it costs, maybe a short description, and a phone number to call for more information. When a newspaper features classified ads, though not free classified ads, they are usually found in section all to themselves, and that section will often times have a few columns worth of ads. Abbreviations will also be used in an effort to save not only space, but also money, as the less space an ad takes up, the more can be fit onto a page, thus more revenue for the newspaper. Graphics and pictures are rarely, if ever, used.

Just like everything else in the printed media world, classified ads are moving their way onto the internet. Unlike the ads found in newspapers, which usually charge per line of text, the ones found online are often times free classified ads. The fact they are usually free online, though not always, often times means that they are longer than the printed versions, and can feature more detailed descriptions of what they are offering. Online ads are completely searchable and shoppers have the ability to search a bigger area, rather than be limited to just the local area that would be served by the newspaper.

Boost Your Online Business Through Classified Ads

Online Classified Ads websites provide an excellent marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact with one another in a most effective manner. Whatever may be their profession or business, whatever may be their service or product, classified ads are one of the most influential marketing tools that can expose the products and services worldwide in a most cost-effective manner.

If you want to get good results in promoting your business using online classified ads, one of the most important aspects is to build confidence among your prospects before people can become familiar with you and the product or service you are marketing sites like ebay. You have to find ways to promote your online presence. In order to build confidence, it is important to know how to make effective ads like writing compelling headlines that will get attention of the readers.

Before we proceed further, let us understand:

What you can do on Online Classified Ads Websites?

Online classified ads Web sites have been around since long. While, these days, there are so many ways to advertise online, millions of people still visit classified ads sites every, single day.

You could be using online classifieds to do such things as:

• Sell digital and physical products

• Build a mailing list

• Bring traffic to your site

• Test ads (for free)

• Link building

The benefits of doing this sort of marketing, you can cause a ripple effect beyond your original expectations. You can spend a couple of hours a week posting online and be reaping the benefits for weeks and months after.

• You are in complete control of your marketing plan

• You can use the money you are saving for important offline marketing

• You can do it at your own convenience

Writing Ads That Will Get You Noticed 
An effective Ad will prompt your prospect to immediately take desired action. Therefore, you must understand what makes or breaks an online ad?

• Your ad must appeal to the reader, and as much, it must say exactly what you want it to say.

• It has to produce the desired results.

• Grabbing the reader’s attention is your first objective. There has to be something about your ad that gets a reader’s attention while it is competing with many other ads.

• The first two or three words of your ad are of the most importance. They deserve your careful consideration.

Classified ads are the easiest to write, the easiest to place, and cost nothing to run. They require only simple follow-up, and bring in hundreds, and even thousands, of new, potential customers. People read classified ads for a purpose. As with most advertising, they are specifically looking for products, services and information that appeal to them. And a well-placed classified ad on the Internet can bring you the Web site hits, e-mail response and sales you are looking for.

Leadership Is An Inside Job

Skills can be taught and learned, but it is the level of confidence with which the skills are used that make the difference.

For example: one person can tell staff members that they have to increase their output and the staff members will react with a ho-hum attitude. Yet, another manger can tell them the exact same thing – even use the same words – but the reaction is one of lighting a fire under the staff.

What’s the difference? It is the enthusiasm, the confidence, the intention and belief of the leader who is delivering the message that makes the difference.

Leadership is as much a condition of the mind-set of the leader as it is of what she has learned. There are numerous books that have been written about leadership skills and qualities. Most of those books, have a lot of merit. They are filled with stories of leaders who have develop a particular skill set and how they use them to help get more productivity out their team. It depends on the book you are reading, which of those skills are the most important for the leadership training courses.

I’ve read books that say that charisma is the most important quality. They are filled with charismatic leaders and the unusual lengths their team members will go to for those leaders. I have also read books that say that it is the humble, non-descript leader who has the greatest impact on their team. And those books also back up the claim with stories of success. Other books espouse the leaders ability to communicate or their adherence to team building, but other books will tell a compelling story of leaders who aren’t great communicators or who don’t work at team building.

This has led me to realize that it isn’t the particular leadership style that you develop, your effectiveness comes from your belief in yourself and what you are doing. Then, and only then, will the skills you learn be successful.

In my leadership courses, I teach as much personal development as I do leadership development. I have seen over and over again, managers who have blossomed as individuals use their newly learned leadership skills more productively and skillfully than they ever believed possible. All because they developed themselves as well as their skills.

The skills are important, but remember – leadership is an inside job!

The Truths About Beaded, Costume, and Cubic Zirconia Jewelry!

Shopping for Inexpensive Yet Brilliant Pieces

History of Beaded Jewelry

Beads have been used to create jewelry and adorn costumes since the dawn of time. If you were to look back on the Ice Age you would discover small objects crafted of natural “beads” including animal bones and teeth, seashells and colorful stones. These items were usually attached to clothing or plant fibers to form the most primitive forms of beaded jewelry.

Beaded jewelry symbolizes many different things for different people; different cultures have associated beads with varying spiritual beliefs, cultural customs and social traditions. Beads, like many other jewelry items, have been used throughout time to adorn the bodies of men and women alike, signifying power, beauty and the human spirit.

The very first actual “beads” that have been discovered date back to approximately 38,000 BC. Made by cavemen, these beads were crafted from animal parts. In later times, beads were crafted as symbols of fertility and animal spirits.

During the stone age, beads were crafted primarily as a means of adorning the body; they were also used for trading on occasion however. A couple thousand years later, beads were crafted out of coral and other “precious” substances. In ancient Greece there is evidence that carnelian beads and beads made of lapis lazuli were worn by wealthy members of society. The use of semi-precious stone beads began to become more popular about 2800 BC among the Syrians, who fashioned beads of materials like agate and serpentine.

Since that time beaded jewelry has become more and more valuable and popular. Gold and other semi-precious stones are often used to craft beaded jewelry.

Perhaps the most popular form of beaded jewelry is glass jewelry. Evidence of the first glass beads suggests that glassmaking was common in Mesopotamia around 2180 BC. Glass beads were popular then and are popular now in part because of their durability and inexpensive pricing. The Egyptian and Phoenician cultures are well known for their use of glass to make beaded jewelry. Beaded jewelry was commonly found buried with wealthy pharaohs in the ancient tombs of Egypt, though it was not uncommon for glass beads to be buried with poor families as well.

In modern times beaded jewelry is popular because of its versatility and diversity. Beads can be crafted from almost any material including the following:

  • Coral/seashells
  • Gemstones
  • Glass
  • Rock Crystal
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Stone
  • Pearls

Beads can even be crafted out of plastic (though this is of course less lovely than some other more traditional options). Though in times of old beads served as symbols of status, wealth and heritage, today beaded jewelry is more much representative of a persons unique style preferences and personality. Beaded jewelry can be custom made in almost any style, using any type of chain and any type/combination of beads Jewelry Store.

Beaded jewelry is just as popular today, if not more popular than it was in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian times. Buying online is easy, and perhaps the best option for bead savvy and not so savvy consumers alike. Buying online eliminates the hassle of traveling from store to store, which can take days or more to find the right beads or beaded jewelry. By shopping online, you have literally tens of thousands of unique selections to choose from. Though no longer traded for food, modern jewelry enthusiasts often engage in bead trading for fun and camaraderie.

Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is sometimes referred to as “fake jewelry” by some well meaning but unknowing individuals. Costume jewelry is crafted from among other items, rhinestones, glass stones and gold plated metal or sterling silver. Costume jewelry first surfaced in the United States around the early twenties; it was very popular among European immigrants that settled into the states during this time. Movie stars and common folk alike wore costume jewelry that was carefully crafted and ornamentally designed.