Profit From Draw Poker in 2011

Draw poker is the traditional form of poker and was played prolifically in high stakes cash games in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. It has fallen from grace in recent years with Texas hold’em the traditional game of choice for the modern poker player, but there is a dedicated section of the online poker community that ensures if you wish to play this exciting form of cards you can find a game to participate in.

Draw poker involves each player being dealt five cards and betting or folding based on the strength of their hand. After the first betting round, players can exchange cards from their hand and “draw” from the deck. They can choose to exchange any number of cards including their entire hand if they wish for five new cards. After players have drawn their cards another betting round takes place and if two or more players remain in the hand at this point there is a showdown. The strength and type of winning hands are ranked in the same order as other forms of poker such as Texas hold’em bandar poker.

There are fixed limit games, pot limit games and no limit draw poker games but your bankroll can stretch further as there are only two betting rounds. Lesser known poker games like draw are increasing in popularity and learning strategy will help you against the weaker opposition.

The general standard of play in draw poker games are softer than no limit hold’em games played at similar stakes where the games are usually filled with good poker players, but not necessarily good draw poker players. Often no limit hold’em experts can get bored with playing multiple tables and want a change of game to keep poker feeling fresh to them. They choose a game like draw but they are not as good at this game so you have a better chance to beat them.

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