Selling A Walmart Gift Card

Do you have a gift card you don’t plan on using anytime soon? Do you tend to misplace cards before they are used or just let them gather dust in your sock drawer? If this describes your card redemption habits then you should consider selling your Walmart card. That’s right, you can get sell your Walmart card and get cold hard cash in return. Of course you will likely have to sell the gift card at a discount from the cards total balance but even doing this you are likely to come out ahead. Anyone who has gone to a financial advisor has heard the speech about liquid and illiquid assets, think of your =card as an asset or investment. Holding a Walmart card is a lot like holding stock in Walmart, just stock that does not earn any interest, might be lost/stolen or in some states may even expire. You could hold the Walmart card for months on end, but as an asset it is not giving you any value. Now if you turn the card into cash you are free to buy something you need wherever you want, you can put the money in the bank, invest it or use it towards a vacation. It all comes down to what you value more, some potential future purchase at Walmart you may never make or whatever you would consume or invest in today if you sold your gift card Walmart one.

If you have decided to sell your Walmart card then the first thing you will need to do is check the Walmart card balance. This is easy enough to do, you can check the balance of a Walmart card by phone, online or in the store. The easiest thing to do is flip your card over and read the information on the back of the card. It will definitely have instructions for checking the Walmart cards balance online, by phone, or both. After you know your cards balance it is time to decide where and how you want to sell your gift card. There are many ways you can find a buyer for your Walmart card in this article we will look at the easiest way to sell your card that brings you the maximum return.

By far the best way to sell your card is online. There is a website called that lets you sell Walmart gift cards or cards from just about any place in the United States or Canada. The website pays you a percentage of your cards balance in cash. They will pay you by check or PayPal depending on your preference. The best part about selling your card on Giftah is the simplicity of the process. It took me less than two minutes to sell my card and the payment arrived very quickly. Unlike some of the other methods for selling gift cards the nice thing about selling your card online is that you don’t need to exert the time and energy to track down a buyer for your card. After all time is money.

You can also consider selling your Walmart card by listing it on Craigslist, Kijiji or another local classifieds online or in a newspaper. People who prefer to sell their card locally use this option, however it takes a significant amount of work and time for the card to be sold. You must list and ad, if it’s in a newspaper there may be a small fee. Then you wait for a response, if you are lucky and get a response you can than schedule a time to meet the person who would like to buy the card. Remember safety first! Be sure always meet people in a public area where you feel safe.

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