Simple Living Guide – Post Office Services from the Comfort of Your Home

When was the last time you’ve visited the official USPS’s webpage?

If it’s been a while, it’s time to pay a visit a gain! There were quite a few changes and improvements introduced lately. Plus, the webpage offers more and more services you can use from your computer – in the comfort of your home. This conveniently means: no driving to the post office, no standing in line – and more.

The variety of actions you can take from “the post office in your home” is growing. All you need to do to get the access to entire commodity is – to open an online account – and you’ll be ready to go!

Following is the list of services that are really useful: they can save a lot of time (and gas):

· Buy stamps online: For a flat S&H charge of $1.00, you can have any quantity of stamps delivered to your door via priority mail. What I personally like the most about shopping for stamps online is – USPS online store has the most complete selection of all the stamps issued. You can buy different stamps every time or even match the stamp theme with the nature of your mailing.

· Are you moving? In that case change your address online. You can also arrange the holding of your mail if you’re going away for a while.

· Check the rates and compare the services: If you happen to have a postal scale at home, it’s really useful to use the “Calculate Postage” link from the USPS’s home page. You can get the exact price and all the services offered. After you decide which service you need, check out the special services if you feel like you need some extras to guarantee the delivery.

· Order your shipping supplies and forms: If you’re mailing frequently, using the same forms and shipping supplies over and over again, order them online. All the forms are free and so are some shipping supplies (like priority mail envelopes and boxes). Although the delivery is also free of charge, count on about five business days before you receive your order.

· Print postage and labels online: Click-N-Ship® is one of the newest services offered by USPS. It’s convenient and there’s no monthly fee for using it. The downside is that it only includes certain more expensive services (for example: Priority Mail®, Express Mail® etc. Gainesville FL, post office).

Maybe you don’t mind going to the post office whenever you need to. Particularly if one’s close to your home or work. But even if that’s true, you might want to check out the new issues of stamps every now and then at

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