Why You Should Use A Fitness Stopwatch or Timer

Stopwatches and timers are well applied to continuous training and segmented training. In continuous training, time is set for timing a particular exercise for certain duration. This type of exercise could be jogging over a certain distance, running, cycling or even riding a treadmill. Segmented training involves breaking a workout into different sections and each section is then separately timed. This requires the use of a timer more frequently, in order to track the intervals properly.

Coaches find stopwatches and timers very important, especially when handling fitness training programs for their teams. A schedule can be divided into warm ups, physical drills like running, push ups, lifting, sit-ups and then a game to test endurance which is finalized by stretching or a warm down. Timing of each drill is paramount to ensure that the entire session goes according to plan and not one section is overdone, thus eating into the time needed for the other drills.

Team selections are sometimes very vigorous and cumbersome. From a pool of fifty athletes, for example, coming up with a team of twenty two players for a rugby team is rather hard, especially when all players have excellent skills in ball play and vast individual brilliance. Physical fitness is always a matter of concern and it is tested vigorously. Timers are used in conducting the usually important and demanding aerobic tests where the most fit are able to show their superiority in a crowded field of would-be athletic stars.

The pulse rate can indicate the level at which an individual has pushed himself. A timer can be used in keeping track of the pulse rate by counting the number of heartbeats in a minute. Knowing your pulse rate is beneficial in determining if you can push yourself a little harder in a particular drill without straining yourself too much.

Sport stopwatches and timers come in different models, making them effective in both indoor use in the gym, as well as for uses outside the gym, such as on the track field. Most gym equipment like the treadmill come with a timer to enable easy monitoring of your training time. Watches for use in outdoor activities are water resistant and lightweight, in order to not add excessive weight to the trainee web timer.

Time, especially for seasoned athletes, is a very important factor. Hence emphasis is put on every aspect of training. Sport stopwatches and timers are essential in ensuring that an athlete trains according to specified plans, so that no excessive strain will result in burning out the athlete’s muscles.

Using a fitness stopwatch is something that should be done in order to keep track of the length of time taken on a particular training exercise.

Timing will make an individual persevere and complete drill schedules even though he might be feeling tired due to training stresses and strains.


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